Ceylon Dawn

Smooth sweet deep stone fruit notes, no bitterness in these leaves

Organically grown in the Sri Lankan highlands

March 2021 harvest

Ceylon Dawn

Ceylon, but not as you know it

Hailing from the highlands of Diyankelle estate this Sri Lankan tea is wonderfully surprising.

Smooth sweet notes curl round your taste buds.
In fact this is more reminiscent of our Taiwanese Assam than the usual peppery Ceylon teas you may have preciously encountered.

Organically grown tea from Sri Lanka

Not what you associate from a tea producing area built on quantity. Our producer is focussed on quality and passionate about the welfare of the folk who work for the family.

How to prepare this tea?

Western style brewing

Use 2g of leaf to 200ml of water
Bring the water to boil, then leave to cool for 2 minutes and pour over the leaves.
Infuse for approx 3 minutes.
Leaves used this way can be reused up to 2 times.

Chinese style brewing

Use 5g of leaf to 150ml of water
Bring the water to the 95 degrees.
Then pour over the leaves, wait 20 seconds and decant your tea.
Leaves use this way can be reused at 4 times or more

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis leaves, grown and produced in Diyankelle estate, Sri Lanka