White Ceylon

Harvested in 2020 in Lumbini Valley, Sri Lanka.

White Ceylon

Meet our white Ceylon tea from Lumbini Valley

Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka, Lumbini Valley boasts one of very few natural growing tea regions in the country.
Yes, this does mean it is grown without the use of pesticides and harmful substances.

Offering sweet notes of honeydew melon with slight musky tones in the background, this white tea is refreshing and suitable for afternoon or even evening enjoyment.

Produced in 2020, this premium leaf white Ceylon tea is fresh and light in the cup.
These white tea leaves are high quality, which means you can get 2 cups of tea out of one serving of leaves. Sometimes 3 cups, depending how strong you like your tea!

But what is white Ceylon tea?

This tea is created with a rare variety of Camellia Sinensis plant which produces purple leaves, so is only made in extremely limited quantities.
White tea is the least processed type of tea, undergoing only the processes of picking > withering > drying
As there are minimal processes, a mistake in one aspect can greatly effect the final tea!
The tea masters of Lumbini ensure that everything is carefully monitored so the resulting tea is up to their lofty standards.

So easy to brew, just a single tablespoon per cup. Infusers are an excellent choice here as they offer space for the tea leaves to fully unravel.

Discover the world of Ceylon white tea today, this is truly a tea to spend time savouring.

Why use foil packs?

Our airtight foil lined packs are a great container to store the tea in as it locks in the aromatics within the leaves.
Also keeps out any strong smells which can taint the absorbent tea leaves.

How to prepare this tea?

Western style brewing

Use 1 tablespoon (5g) of leaf to 300ml of water (china tea cup size).
Bring the water to almost boiling (85 degrees)
Then pour over the leaves.
Infuse for approx 2 minutes.
Leaves used this way can be reused at least twice, sometimes three times.
Increase the infusion time by 2 minutes each subsequent infusion.

Gong Fu or Chinese style brewing

Use 5g of leaf to 150ml of water (general gaiwan size).
Bring the water to almost boiling (85 degrees)
Then pour over the leaves, wait 30 seconds and decant your tea.
Leaves use this way can be reused at least 7 times.
Add 20 seconds onto each subsequent infusion

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Ingredients: Ceylon tea leaves