Transform your tea Experience

Transform your tea experience with our Great Taste Award winners.
With every cup, you’re not just enjoying a beverage, but also savouring the passion and dedication that has gone into creating these exceptional teas.
Discover the world of tea in its purest form and embark on a safari of flavour and discovery with our award winning selection.

Don’t like flavoured teas? Then you are in the right place!

Immerse yourself in the world of herbal infusions and experience a symphony of flavours that transport you to a place of tranquillity.
Our blends are thoughtfully crafted in-house to provide a unique tea drinking experience, encouraging you to find moments of serenity in your busy day.
Every blend is unique and only available from ourselves or select stockists across North Scotland.

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Embrace the effortless elegance of loose leaf tea!
Intrigued by the allure of loose leaf tea but apprehensive about the brewing technique?

Not to worry, we’re here to unravel the mystery and provide you with the knowledge to brew a remarkable cup of tea without relying on tea bags. Let us guide you through the basics and help you delve into the world of incredible tea.

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What makes Unravel Tea different?

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