About Us

Welcome to the tea curious, the tea aficionados, the tea snobs, the tea lovers, the tea appreciators and of course the tea geeks.


My mission at Unravel Tea is to make tea the centre of attention, rather than an afterthought.

I’m passionate about tea because I suffered many years of having to drink the bitterly unpalatable liquid released from shop bought green tea bags that lurked in the back of my cupboard gathering dust.

Why should we have to put up with that!?

My experience of tea was turned upside down during a holiday to China, where I finally discovered the delectable nectar of ‘real’ tea.

My taste buds had never experienced anything like it before, so I requested a trip to a tea shop to discover more.

Shortly after, I was in a compact tea shop in Hunan province bursting at the seams with so much to absorb …

teas stacked on shelves up to the ceiling;
the smell the leaves release as the hot water hits them;
the care that the shopkeeper took while preparing a multitude of teas for us to try;
and sitting down to enjoy my first gong fu tea session.

The next thing I know, I was walking out of that compact shop with 3kg of tea, and to this day, oolong tea holds a top spot on my favourites list.

On my return to Scotland, I drank my way through (and shared) all of that Chinese tea much faster than anticipated.

Did I mention I was hooked?

Restock time!
Easy, right?
Not exactly.

I was aware of a couple of tea shops in the city, so I made sure to visit them. When asking for the Jin Xuan Oolong tea to continue my addiction, one ‘tea expert’ in a shop told me, in no uncertain terms, that that tea didn’t exist.

Why did they not know about this tea when it was sitting in my cupboard?

That’s when I decided to source this incredible tea myself, and the seeds of Unravel Tea were planted.

My name is Donna and today, I aim to transform your tea experience.


We are not a supplier of dusty bland tea bags.
We do not mass supply or produce.
We do not offer hundreds of teas or blends.
Everything we offer is chosen carefully; we care about our suppliers, and our blends.
We make sure our tea brings the best experience to you.
Why would you part with your hard-earned money for anything less than the best?

You will not find tea of this calibre in your corner shop (unless you live around the corner from Refillosophy, Aberdeen).
All our blends are carefully created and tested, then tweaked and retested until perfected. These recipes are a labour of love; there is no quick way to develop a well-balanced blend that takes you on a journey from the start to the end of each sip.

We don’t offer hundreds of sub-par blends because, in our case, less is most definitely more.

We curate and create the perfect selection, and we’re grateful that the choices we’ve made have been recognised by Great Taste Awards for two years running, gaining prestigious 3-star and 2-star awards. Unravel Tea is now based in the Scottish Highlands, where we recently relocated due to outgrowing the tiny Aberdeen flat we took root in!

Whether you’re a retailer looking to stock our selection for your discerning customers, or you want to up level your own tea drinking experience, we’d love to help.

Warning: trying our teas may result in gifting those dusty tea boxes to unsuspecting folks.