How to cold brew green tea

Is this just cold tea?

To be honest, yes and no!

This is not ‘forgotten after a few hours and now cold’ tea…
This is cold brew green tea.
The tea leaves are allowed to infuse with the cold water overnight, which creates an amazing smooth beverage. The nuances of the tea shine through, seriously do try it.
So easy it literally brews itself.

Ok so how do I cold brew green tea

I always advise at least one flash hot brew, this is to ensure the leaves start unravelling. If this step is skipped then you will just have to leave the leaves infusing longer.

All you need is, good quality tea leaves, I can suggest either our amazing smooth green tea, Biluochun or the more buttery rich green tea Dragonwell (also known as Long Jing).
Bottle of water, I’ve used anything from volvic bottles to hario brewing bottles (which are available from us, but currently only at events). You don’t need anything fancy!
Optional: Hot water and a gaiwan/cup to flash hot brew.

No really I just want to know how to do it!

Ok, no more faffing.

  • Use 1g tea to 100ml water (so that 500ml empty bottle, would need about 5g of dry tea leaves)
  • Optional: Pour 80 degree C water over the leaves, let infuse for 15 seconds and pour the water into a cup, enjoy the cup of gongfu cha tea (yup it is that easy, but that’s another story)
  • Place your tea leaves into your cold brewing vessel (bottle, jug, large cup, hario bottle)
  • Close the vessel
  • Place in fridge for at least 6 hours, I tend to leave it overnight. If hot brewing was skipped leave for at least 12 hours.

You have an awesome cold brew now! Enjoy 🙂

green tea leaves in water