How to make loose leaf tea

Obvious statement incoming:

Tea is 99.9999% (ish!) water.

It will not surprise you to discover then, that the quality of this ingredient is important.
We are lucky in most of Scotland that our water quality straight from the tap is some of the best in the world. However if you do live in an area with hard water, or your tap water has chlorine added, you will need to at least filter your tap water. Bottled spring water is your best option in some dire cases (I’m looking at you London water).

From my experience trying various filters, Brita are the way to go.

water pouring on tea leaves

On the go Brita bottle

This comes everywhere with me, means filtered water is available for my tea or even drinking water. I love this bottle!
I see there's a pink one, mine is purple and I have pink FOMO now.

Brita jug for the home

So far the best filter I've discovered, this one is a great place to start as it comes with a few filter cartridges.
Yes it does fit in the fridge door 😉

Next obvious statement is: you need something to heat this excellent water!

In the UK we tend to all have access to an electric kettle, so we are ahead of the game. However to step things up a notch a temperature control kettle is something to look at.

Of course you can always heat the water over a stove or hob, there is a way to tell from the size of the bubbles roughly what temperature your water is.
In fact I used to use this technique with my glass kettle before I took the step into the world of temperature control kettles, and I wouldn’t go back if there’s a choice.

Swan Alexa Kettle

Smart kettles are here! If you have an Alexa this is easily plugged into your set up, just note that you do need to set up commands for different water temperatures as it only comes with the standard boiling command.

Gooseneck kettle

You've probably seen those beautiful gooseneck kettles on insta, they are incredible as they are smaller and more lightweight than your regular kettle.
However, as the water runs through the long spout, it cools.

Dumb and large capacity

Smart kettles seem to be taking over this space. This non smart kettle has more of a traditional spout so no cooling water as you pour, and has a wide range of temperatures you can set to (perfect for Japanese green teas).

But what do I put the leaves in I hear you say…

These are the only infusers I would recommend to anyone (if you wish to use an infuser).

They are large enough to allow the herbs or tea leaves to completely unravel, and infuse their flavours into the water. They do actually make a better cup of tea than the ball infusers (more on this here).

If you don’t feel this is for you yet, then there is also the option of empty tea bags (essentially create your own tea bag!), these can be found here.

Oh I see you, the one that would like to explore the world of gongfu brewing…

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