Celestial Jasmine

Single origin Silver Needle white tea

Naturally scented with Jasmine blossoms

Celestial Jasmine

Jasmine tea so incredible, words do not do it justice.

2024 batch has landed!

Beautiful April picked silver needle white tea from WuYi mountain.
Top quality tea scented in the traditional way with jasmine blossoms.

Delicate blooming jasmine flowers are picked at dusk then layered over the tea leaves. These flowers then blossom and release their heady scent throughout the night.

With the intense floral fragrance of jasmine, these tea leaves have absorbed the fragrance from these blooms which results in an incredible treat for the taste buds.
Top notch jasmine tea, say goodbye to those disappointing Chinese restaurant tea experiences.
You are welcome.

How do I prepare this tea?

For Western style brewing

Use 2g of leaf to 300ml of water (china tea cup size).

Bring the water to boil.

Then pour over the leaves.

Infuse for approx. 90 seconds and then remove the leaves from the tea

Leaves used this way can be reused up to 2 times!


For Gong Fu or Chinese style brewing

Use 5g of leaf to 150ml of water (general gaiwan size).

Bring the water to the boil.

Then pour over the leaves, wait 20 seconds and decant your tea.

Leaves use this way can be reused at least 5 times, please add 10 seconds onto each subsequent infusion.


These are intended as a guideline only, everyone is different. I encourage you to play with different water temperatures and infusion times.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.