Four Seasons Oolong

Perfect for those starting their tea journey!

Spring 2022 harvest

Four Seasons Oolong

Amazingly fresh light oolong tea.
This is due to it being only very lightly oxidised, so more akin to a green tea with that sweet edge that oolong is famous for.

Vegetal on the nose, not unlike sweet green beans.

Smooth slightly vegetal flavours appear at first.  The end note treats you with floral sensation, not unlike jasmine.

This is a very forgiving oolong tea, you will be hard pressed to get bitter notes.  It’s happy infusing in boiling water, so no messing around with getting the right temperature.
Even if you forget about it in the cup, it will still provide you with a great tasting tea. Just a little more intense, but still smooth.
Perfect for those just starting on their tea journey.

How do I prepare this tea?

For Western style brewing

Use 3g of leaf to 300ml of water (china tea cup size).
Bring the water to boil, then leave for under a minute, this gives the water a chance to cool to about 95 degrees.
Then pour over the leaves.
Infuse for 2- 3 minutes, add 2 minutes onto each subsequent infusion.
Leaves used this way can be reused up to 3 times, depending how strong you like your tea 😉

Gong Fu or Chinese style brewing

Use 5g of leaf to 150ml of water,
Bring the water to the boil and then leave for under a minute, this should ensure you get approximately 95 degree water.
Then pour over the leaves, wait 30 seconds and decant your tea.
Leaves use this way can be reused at least 5 times. Add 20 seconds onto each subsequent infusion time.

This oolong tea is fantastic cold brewed too, try 3g per 500ml of water.
Leave in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next day.

These are intended as a guideline only, everyone is different.
We encourage you to play with different water temperatures and infusion times.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis