Tea Story – Biluochun

Biluochun, The story

Biluochun is a sublime tea, produced just once a year and entirely hand processed.

The name Biluochun directly translates to ‘green snail spring’, this is due to the visual characteristics of the tightly rolled green leaves. This once a year harvest takes place in Spring time.

For centuries this tea was called Xia Sha Ren Xiang. This translates to “astounding fragrance” or “fragrance to cause fear and trembling”.

Legend has it the workers, reluctant to walk so far to empty their overflowing baskets, continued plucking and stored the abundant tea leaves in their cleavage.
Due to body heat and rolling between their breasts, the leaves developed an ”astounding fragrance”.

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chinese green tea 2019


Chinese Green Tea harvested Spring 2019

Plucking chinese green tea

Bilouchun plucking

WuYi Mountain, Fujian Province, China