The Story of Mistress Grey

This rare artisan tea has a long history which dates back to ancient Tibet.

Long ago in the 7th century king Bibek ruled over ancient Tibet and was famous for importing the finest teas from all over the world. He soon however became bored. After drinking the best teas the world had to offer, nothing seemed to interest him anymore. Nobles and diplomats brought him many teas to appease him but he angrily banned anyone from stepping foot in his kingdom again if they brought him tea he did not like. During one tribute he offended Chinese diplomat Han Sulo who had brought him one of China’s most expensive teas. King Bibek swore at the diplomat and threw the tea into a fireplace. China soon declared war over this insult.

With the country on the brink of war. A quiet but clever mistress of king Bibek named Anuska devised a plan to win his favor. Since childhood she had heard the story of a fabled tea tree that grew on the highest mountain of Tibet. Somehow growing without oxygen. She ordered a few men loyal to her to search for this mythical tea tree. They did not believe the tree existed but dated not disobey. For a month they hiked up the tallest mountain in Tibet. The snow and wind proved too much and only one man name Kuli remained. He had been lost in the snowy mountains for days. His supplies were running low. He wept fearing death and asked for divine guidance. 

In the morning a light hit Kuli’s eyes. On the opposite mountain he saw a gigantic tea tree. It was the largest tree he had ever seen and looked to be about 10,000 years old. Kuli spend another week hiking to the next mountain over and held his breath due to the lack of oxygen as he gathered the tea leaves in his basket.

He returned to the mistress Anuska and she was overjoyed. She brewed the tea and tasted it and it was indeed the best tea she had ever tasted. It had a mystical quality and seemed to bring a peace and joy to her heart she had never known. However in her wisdom she knew it wasn’t enough. She added some secret ingredients. Bergamot and sweet orange from the richest garden in Tibet. 

She brought the tea to the king and everyone gasped. She would surely be beheaded if the king did not like her tea. Anuska was confident and stepped forward. 

The king took a sip and his eyes grew wide with delight. The tea had the most extraordinary flavor he had ever experienced. He wept with joy and found deep peace in his heart. He apologized to the Chinese diplomat and averted war. Afterwards he became renowned as one of the best rulers of ancient Tibet. He decided to name the tea after his mistress and called it mistress gray as a reminder of how gray his world felt before he drank the tea. 

We are now proud to offer you a limited supply of this same tea dug up from the tomb of King Bibek. Preserved in perfect condition using ancient storage techniques that have been lost through the ages. 

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