Chai’s the Limit

Our signature chai spice blend with added black tea, perfect for the colder evenings!

*New updated blend*

Chai’s the Limit

Chai’s the Limit blends our signature enchanting chai blend with a smooth black tea.

Blended with top quality Ceylon BFOP1 black tea this multi layered chai has been given unique Unravel Tea twist.

Why change it?

Our New fusion discovers Ceylon Cinnamon instead of the more common Cassia cinnamon. Apart from the fact it has a more rounded note, Ceylon cinnamon is safer for longer term consumption.
Warming chai spices complement the smooth black tea, cinnamon hugs your tastebuds. Cardamom hints at cosy nights by the fire. Warming citrus notes from galangal lift the experience to the next level and our peppercorn mix gives that traditional light bite.
Could you even call this a hug in a mug?
It is also robust enough to take a splash of milk should you enjoy your chai with milk.

How do I prepare this Chai’s the limit blend?


For Western style brewing

Use about 1 heaped teaspoon of tea to a cup.

Infuse for 7 or more minutes depending on preferred taste.

The longer you leave the spices to infuse the more intense the brew becomes.

This chai blend is not recommended for Chinese style/Gong Fu brewing.


Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, ceylon cinnamon pieces, cardamom seeds, fennel, black pepper, pink pepper, galangal pieces and coriander seeds.

As always, free from artificial flavourings.

These brewing instructions are intended as a guideline only.
Intended to get the best from the herbs, however everyone’s tastes are different.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.