Green Nettle

Fantastic morning tea, this light and refreshing blend will help kick start your day.

Green Nettle

Say goodbye to those thoughts of bitter green tea bags

Try our clean grassy sencha green tea with a delicate twist of nettle.

Vibrant grassy notes in this tea, great way to start the day. The refreshing smooth green tea is perfectly balanced by the grassy notes of cleansing nettle.

Green tea should not be bitter, often tea bag contents are tiny bits of tea leaves (or fannings and dust as they are referred to) which infuse too quickly.

Also using boiling water on a green tea such as sencha can cause bitter notes to surface. Be mindful of your tea and it will look after you (we can’t guarantee this, but think it is worth trying).

How do I prepare this tea?

For Western style brewing

Use 5g of leaf for 200ml of water.
Boil the kettle and leave for under one minute to get your water to approx 90°C water, infuse for 1 minute.

Would not recommend brewing these leaves Chinese/Gong Fu style. Attempted it and it decided it wasn’t worth repeating. Ah the things we do…

To increase flavour intensity just increase the brewing time, for a more astringent note just use boiling water. Adjust to your own personal taste.

These brewing instructions are intended as a guideline only. Intended to get the best from the leaves, however everyone’s tastes are different.
We encourage you to play with water temperature and infusion times!

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

As always free artificial flavourings!

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