Empress Grey

Fine Assam black tea expertly coated with our own blend of cold pressed bergamot and sweet orange oils.
Topped with beautiful blue cornflowers

Empress Grey

2023 Empress Grey Out of Stock, stay tuned for 2024!

Fine tippy Autumnal Assam tea.
With slight hints of caramel in later infusions.
Once you try our hand made Empress Grey you won’t go back.
Created with high quality cold pressed oils, this just means that no corners are cut during the oil pressing process, so the maximum flavour is achieved. And no added nasties.

But Earl Grey contains added flavourings

It does indeed!
Traditionally lower quality leaves were coated in bergamot oils to bring a more punchy flavour profile to the leaves.
In our Empress Grey, the leaves are hand coated in cold pressed bergamot and sweet orange oils, no nature identical chemicals here.
As a result of this attention to quality and detail, you can reuse the leaves up to 3 times.

You read that right! 3 cups of Empress Grey from the same leaves.

Why foil packaging?

Our airtight foil lined packs are a great container to store the aromatic Empress Grey tea in as it locks in the flavour compounds within the leaves.
Also keeps out any strong smells which can taint the tea leaves.

This tea demonstrates just how fantastic Earl Grey can be, go on spoil yourself!

How to prepare this tea?

Western style brewing

Use 2g of leaf to 300ml of water (china tea cup size).
Bring the water to boil, then pour over the leaves.
Infuse for approx 3 minutes.
Leaves used this way can be reused up to 3 times.
For each subsequent infusion please add an extra 3 minutes to the steeping time.

Gong Fu or Chinese style brewing

Not recommended for Gong fu style brewing

Do play with brewing parameters, these are intended as guides only and everyone’s preferences are different

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Ingredients: Full Assam tea leaves, cornflowers, cold pressed sweet orange oil and bergamot oil

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