Jin Jun Mei

One of our most popular black teas, and winner of a 3 star Great Taste Award 2020.

Grown in Fujian Province, China.

Jin Jun Mei

Jin Jun Mei, our 3 star Great Taste Award winner

Very surprising tea, we like to think of Jin Jun Mei as an introduction to how amazing tea can be.
While keeping one foot planted in the traditional Western black tea arena.

Smooth deep malty Chinese black tea.
Even the dry leaf has a distinct honey malt note, with juicy plummy undertones.
As soon as you pour hot water over it an intense honey aroma greets you.
This harvest has note reminiscent of a plum pudding, very much a comfort tea.

What does the name mean?

Not the most glamourous of translated names, ‘Jin Jun Mei’ in English is ‘Beautiful Golden Eyebrow’.
The name comes from the small delicate shape of the tea leaves, or in this case tea buds, which is said to mimic a shapely eyebrow.

How to prepare this tea?

Western style brewing

Use 2g of leaf to 300ml of water (china tea cup size).
Bring the water to boil, then pour over the leaves.
Infuse for approx 3 minutes.
Leaves used this way can be reused up to 4 times.

Gong Fu or Chinese style brewing

Use 5g of leaf to 150ml of water (general gaiwan size).
Bring the water to the boil.
Then pour over the leaves, wait 10 seconds and decant your tea.
Leaves use this way can be reused at least 8 times, adding 5 seconds onto each subsequent infusion.

These are intended as a guideline only, everyone is different.
We encourage you to play with different water temperatures and infusion times.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis