Kitty Gaiwan

Porcelain gaiwan with painted kitty design

120ml capacity approximately

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Kitty Gaiwan

Tea drinker? check!
Cat lover? check!

Kitty gaiwan? What?!

How amazing is this gaiwan?

120ml capacity without tea, this kitty gaiwan is a delight to pour.
Less chance of finger burn due to it’s wide brim and high domed lid.

White porcelain with gold detail along the edges and around the bottom foot of the bowl.

What is a gaiwan?

Very simple brewing vessel, hailing from the Ming Dynasty the gaiwan consists of a lid (Gai), a bowl (wan) and saucer.
Literally translates to ‘lidded bowl’.
Tea is prepared in the gaiwan then poured into a fair cup or tea cup to enjoy.