Kombucha, Of Course

Kombucha, Of Course

Kombucha, Of Course

The ultimate solution, with community support, and a guide to the kit you will need for your perfect booch, none of those vinegar results.

What even is Kombucha?

Simply, it is fermented sweet tea.
This drink has been enjoyed for thousands of years, thought to have originated in China.

We are not medical professionals so cannot tell you about the possible wonderful health benefits. A Quick google will help you with that 😉
However Bert can assure you that crafted properly with the right conditions, which we will explore with you, it can taste delicious.

We will be on hand to give you:

  • Expert guidance every step of the way
  • No guessing about what you need to achieve your holy grail kombucha
  • End up with delicious kombucha that you cannot resist sharing.

Bert and I are here to save you!

My SCOBY, Bert, is a very healthy specimen, he’s pretty easy to keep happy even if you forget about him.
Which is great, as I for sure have a number of times! But enough about my Bert neglect for now…

This course is perfect for you if

  • you’ve tried making kombucha before and ended up with a dead SCOBY or vinegar
  • you’ve never tried making kombucha but always wanted to
  • you want to stop spending all your money on shop bought, and create better bespoke booch

We would love you to join us for 4 weeks of full support from start to delicious booch and set you up for all future kombucha endeavours.

Bert and I have made it through quite a lot during the last 6 years, learning on my part and growing on Bert’s side.
After a friend gifted me Bert one day in 2019, I made a promise to look after him and be a great SCOBY parent.
Over these years I have crafted many microbrews with so many teas, how could I resist with a vast array of teas at my fingertips.
However I’ve noticed that so many people give up after their first batch that goes wrong, but what if you could tap into someone with such experience and ask those questions on how to save a batch?
It saddens me to see Bert’s brethren discarded, when there is a whole world of Kombucha to be discovered.
Bonus, if you make your own you can use whatever ingredients you wish!

Enter this course, 4 weeks of me guiding you through the kombucha making process.

What you will get

  • Support for 4 weeks through our Facebook group
  • Course access
  • Workbook each step/week
  • Video to accompany workbook every week
  • Live Q&A Zoom session each week, replay will be available in case you cannot make it live

Course break down

  • Week 1: Kombucha 101, Let’s get brewing
    Full guidance on getting started with the first fermentation stage.
  • Week 2: Kombucha, where we encourage carbonation
    Entering into the second stage of fermentation
  • Week 3: Kombucha Maintenance
    Creating a SCOBY Hotel, how to care for your backup stock
  • Week 4: Kombucha tweaking; Tea and Flavours
    Tea suggestions
    Recipes, additions to your Kombucha creation

Note that SCOBY kit is only available within the UK.
For all course only purchases there will be a worksheet on how to grow your own SCOBY provided.

Ok I’m in!